Fire Emblem Heroes Gets In-Game Update for 4th Anniversary

Greetings, summoners and wielders of the sword! For the past four years, fans have opened the gateways between worlds and summoned legendary Heroes to their side. Now, to commemorate its 4th Anniversary, the Fire Emblem Heroes smartphone saga* invites you to battle with a selection of updates and rewards!
If you want to sink your teeth into an action-packed game that fits the giant world of Fire Emblem into the palm of your hand, there’s never been a better time to take the plunge. Or, if you’re a successful summoner with your share of battles already inscribed in the tomes of history, you’ll want to sharpen your blade to take advantage of these additions.
Beginning with the next version update on Feb. 4, you’ll be able to customize your summoner avatar’s name, appearance and greeting when you visit a friend’s castle using the My Summoner menu! In addition, summoners will soon be able to join the battle against Thórr’s advancing army in Mjölnir’s Strike! Prepare your summoner for the big fight by learning formidable skills using the new Copy Skills power. Copy Skills allows you to choose skills that your ally Heroes have, copy them and equip them. Thórr’s army won’t know what hit them!
For those with an eye for Legendary Heroes, on Feb. 11 a new type of summoning event will be introduced – the Legendary Hero Remix. Some of the Legendary Heroes that previously appeared in Legendary Hero summoning events will begin appearing in Legendary Hero Remix summoning events instead. They may even be able to learn additional skills! With two 5-star focus Heroes available for each summoning stone color, it’ll be easier to add a Legendary Hero, like Fjorm or Ike, to your barracks.
Finally, what better way to round out the 4th Anniversary celebrations than with a 4-star Special Rate! Beginning Feb. 4 (wink), your 4-star Special Rate may allow you to summon a 4-Star Hero that automatically awakens to become a 5-star Hero! Some of the 5-star newly added Heroes that appeared in the game up until August 2018 can be summoned this way. Better yet, the 5-star Hero appearance rate that you’ve built up with summons won’t be reduced through this method. May you be blessed with wonderful allies!
For more details about the 4th Anniversary festivities, including the announcement of the winners of Choose Your Legends: Round 5, you can check out the latest Feh Channel update here: If you have any questions about Fire Emblem Heroes, please check the game’s website or reach out to Justin Aclin —
Your friends at Nintendo * Free-to-start; optional in-game purchases available. Persistent Internet and compatible smartphone required. Data charges may apply. # # #

Matthew Harris